A post about you

This is a post about you.


Yes, you. Those 95 souls in cyberspace who have followed eight Instagram posts on readings, random musings and a couple of these writing101 exercises. Those knowledgeable enough about Tarot who have kindly offered to swap readings with me to help me improve, those with pressing personal questions who have been in touch for a quick one-card reading, those who have the same taste in tarot decks, or an interest in crystals, or wicca. Those who comment, those who just like, those who stop and check the pictures and that handful of you reading my posts.

I had thought I would thank my followers once I reached the momentous follower number 100. I even thought of a “readings” giveaway to celebrate. The opportunity has come a bit earlier than that, and I as I write these lines, I feel the giveaway should be the other way around! Send me your comments about anything you’d like to share about yourselves, about what you’d like to see here (or on Instagram) and let’s continue co-creating this blog.

So many stories worth telling yet so little I know about you! Thanks for clicking.

Where are you? What’s your story? Are you interested in tarot/writing/blogging/none of the above?


5 thoughts on “A post about you

  1. I would like to read about how you integrate tarot with the metaphysical arts you practice (assuming you do), and generally that intersecting point between tarot and your personal metaphysical understanding of our world. 🙂

    In 400 words. (I’m totally kidding. I just felt like adding that last “400” part after reading your other post.)

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