Non-romantic relationship spreads

Why is that relationship spreads always veer to the romantic? I have talked to professional readers and they tell me that by far, romantic questions are the most common in the repertoire. When using Tarot as an instrument of reflection and self-discovery, however, relationships of any kind (not only romantic) may require clarification and support.

In the past couple of months a couple of relationships (one professional and one in my family) have been strained, leaving me with lots of questions and wondering what can be done to heal and improve things. Unlike the case in romantic relationship, professional and family relationships are there to stay, so one must find a way to make them work.

I set out to find a few spreads that could be used for this purpose and found some very interesting options, ranging from the simple (here) to the more complex (here). I finally settled for the 15-card double cross spread. I have seen it at work in the past and I really enjoyed the parallelisms across the two crosses. It seemed to me that unlike other relationship spreads, it could be easily applied to non-romantic relationships.

So, thinking deeply about my co-worker, and how I feel about this relationship, here is what I found. I won’t bore you with the details but I’ll just draw a few highlights, perhaps you’d like to comment on what you see. 

Relationship spread
15-card relationship spread, using the Secret Forest Tarot

1. First thing I noticed – My side of the reading (left side) is full of Major Arcana, most of them on what I call the “rational” (black and white) side. The other cross has a bit more “emotion” (coloured cards) and minor arcana. The fact that most of the reading is “rational” seems to reflect this relationship is in the work realm. I also seems to me that I am bringing a considerable amount (of almost karmic) baggage to this relationship, which doesn’t seem to help.

2. A couple of interesting positions which I think show the current issues we’re facing.

Positions 1 (what I provide to the relationship) – wheel of fortune vs. position 4 (what they were hoping for) – the hierophant. This to me symbolises this colleague wanted a predictable, process-abiding individual but my wheel of fortune denotes the opposite, unpredictability. We’re definitely not to a good start.

Position seven (XXI – the world) and eight (3 wands). How we view each other. I definitely see this person as above me and more accomplished, and this person sees me with some curiosity and wonder – I know I don’t fit the mold! This seems to intimidate me.

Position 11 and 12 (XVI The tower, and III Empress). I greatly fear failing in this relationship and my tasks. I think this person fears that if I am unable to take control this will mean almost tutoring me to get me to where I am supposed to be, which would imply considerable effort.

3. The advice: In a nutshell, I need to get a grip (VII the Chariot). Grip of my emotions and my baggage and not let this affect me more than necessary. Grip of what needs to be done as to minimise unpredictability for a person who likes to keep everything in control. Grip of the relationship as to recognise that I deserve to be where I am and I should not feel intimidated. This is to me, a key relationship and situation I need to learn from, otherwise will continue to crop up in the future.

Food for thought.

Have you ever felt intimidated by someone at work? Have you ever turned to tarot to look for an intuitive view of non-romantic relationships? Thoughts on my reading above?






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