Rekindling the tarot flame

Today, on this quiet evening, I’m back here wondering how to reconnect with Tarot again and rekindle what seems a feeble flame.  I asked the web and found some responses here, but the suggestions were were far from satisfactory. This short post outlines the steps I took today to find my way back, to my tarot self, my decks, and of course you, my readers. I’d be keen to hear what you do to reconnect with your spirituality (or Tarot) after a long hiatus.

What to do to rekindle the tarot flame?

What to do to rekindle the tarot flame?

After a very active summer, autumn was very quiet in Tarot terms. My cards and my blog gathered dust in some corner of my mind. I missed it a lot, felt that I couldn’t find the time, and I am now some how lost and wanting to reconnect. The opportunity came to me a few weeks ago when I did some face to face readings in a local fair with a new Tarot friend (I’ll write a post on that some day), and I definitely remembered how nice it felt when reading for others, but also for myself.

So this evening, I decided to stay in the sidelines and read about Tarot, in blogs like mine, mainly. So I learnt which tarot cards indicate obsession, found a pithy meaning for “the fool” card, and linked with my intuition to identify suitable objectives for next year.

No much taroting, but pre-taroting. Playing with the possibility of linking again with my cards. Good news is that I loved it.

Other suggestions?


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