Using tarot for new year goal-setting

As part of my rekindling with Tarot exercises, over the past few days I explored how to set up goals for this new year using the cards. As explored in my previous post, I decided to write this time about my exploration of Midheaven’s suggestion on combining astrology and tarot, and this approach which led to a number of options and areas to focus on throughout the year. I also drill down on what I consider to be my main objective for the year – linking with my spiritual community! Read on to find out.

The astrology and tarot seemed to me a novel yet holistic approach, but you may want to consider the more traditional 12-card wheel of the year, or Biddy Tarot’s spread here, or a card selection and journalling method here and a mix of these last two in this Vision Spread here. Anything goes, really!

I initially crafted about five goals, and reduced down to three based on triad Tarot readings, which interpreted using elemental dignities. These are my best three – what to do you think of my interpretations?

  • Jupiter – Developing Marriage (ten of wands, two of wands, six of wands). I interpreted this triad to signify that this could be a great year for us to develop as a couple as long as we focus on ourselves, not letting us feel overwhelmed by external pressures and by aiming to creatively see the big picture.
  • Uranus – Exploring Politics (XV Cerunno, II High Priestess, two of cups). Loved this triad, to me it felt as as a nudge from the universe in terms of successfully entering this space, with a sense of responsibility and fun.
  • Neptune – Linking to a Spiritual community (9 de pentacles, King of wands, X the wheel). What a great triad, to me to signify a very practical approach. I understood my spiritual development this year should be very grounded yet intuitive, trusting the process while at the same time affirming my values.

This last goal, of deepening linking to a spiritual community seemed the most interesting one to explore further, so using this spread by Jeanne Florini from Tarotworks I decided to have a further reading on this today. How to deepen/strengthen my spiritual community?

Example of Jeanne Fiorini’s 5-card Goal-Setting Star Spread with the DruidCraft Tarot Deck

Example of Jeanne Fiorini’s 5-card Goal-Setting Star Spread with the DruidCraft Tarot Deck

The reading:

  1. What has been established (four of cups) – Although already sitting in a spiritual community, however I have been too lazy to actually develop any links, showing little appreciation and being indifferent to the people around me.
  2. What will need to be developed – Works nicely with the previous one, I need to start right were I am, by getting to know a bit more with the people I already know and being more appreciative of them.
  3. What might obstruct or hinder progress – I think this is already what is happening, deep down I am already very shy and I don’t bond well in groups. I may perceive conflict or rejection when there isn’t really one. Tricky.
  4. What are the most useful resources or best possible action – Surrender and recognising this is a process (see above with the Wheel), but also one-to-one relationships? I may need to refocus my strategy as not to feel ovewhelmed by the group.
  5. Likely result of this process – Success, new energy and vitality and renewed intuition.

Wishing you all a great year. How do you approach your goal setting through Tarot?


3 thoughts on “Using tarot for new year goal-setting

  1. One of the problems people often have with goal-setting is when they don’t choose the best path *for them* in order to achieve those goals. By far my favorite way to use tarot is to pinpoint the best thing to do at a particular moment in time. So I’ll ask the question “What is the best thing for ‘X’ to do RIGHT NOW in order for them to (insert goal here)?” It’s simple, direct and to the point, and it’s easy for the querent to follow.

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