Using tarot for new year goal-setting

As part of my rekindling with Tarot exercises, over the past few days I explored how to set up goals for this new year using the cards. As explored in my previous post, I decided to write this time about my exploration of Midheaven’s suggestion on combining astrology and tarot, and this approach which led to a number of options and areas to focus on throughout the year. I also drill down on what I consider to be my main objective for the year – linking with my spiritual community! Read on to find out.

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Tarot in my universe… (in more or less 400 words)

Benebell, a gifted lawyer and certified Tarot Master (!), challenged me a few months ago to write a post on the intersecting point between tarot and [my] personal metaphysical understanding of our world… in 400 words. So here is my response.

Discovering self

A recent acquisition connecting tarot and psychology. The book can be purchased here.

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