Food and Tarot

Tarot is for me much more than a divination tool. It is a vast compilation of human emotions and situations, which makes it ideal for meditation and self-discovery. However, when prompted to think about food and the joys it brings, I had to admit I felt Tarot (or at least my quite limited tarot deck collection) was sadly silent on the matter. With so many emotions and situations which are enhanced through food, I found surprising that Tarot artists have not sought to reflect this on the cards.

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A view to a new world

I had been waiting for over ten minutes for the interviewer to see me. It had been a last minute, unexpected call, apparently they had been unsure I would fit in the organisation so they wanted me to meet the Chief Executive. Sitting in that waiting room, I felt anxious. To calm the nerves and distract the mind, I opened my TarotSample app and drew a card – surprise. The World, from the Shadowscapes tarot.



“Satisfaction and peace of mind. A successful conclusion, and the end is in sight. Achieving balance, melding and blending to bring together in unison the multiple songs of life. The World is a card of realised goals and prosperity. It is a state of completion, though not without a share of involvement and hard work to attain. When one’s goals have been reached, there is a space, a quite breath of a moment in time when a feeling of ultimate fulfillment spills through the consciousness. It is a wondrous and  precious moment, the culmination of hard work, to see your dreams come true and know that elusively mythical treasure promised in fairy tales: the heart’s desire.”

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