My day in three cards and four hundred words

As part of my intention Let’s start again.

I hardly ever have time for myself in the evenings, but today hubby is away, and so I can spend some time writing. As you know, I’m part of the Blogging University Class of June 2014 and today the assignment is free-writing. No editing, no going back ,just free flow of that comes from the mind. I had been able to draft my cards of the day. I usually do it in the morning, but today didn’t quite have the time so here I am. Looking back at my day in three cards and four hundred unedited words. This is also part of my Tarot 101 exercises connecting with my new deck, the Druid Craft Tarot. A bit of a multi-tasker, you may say!

My cards of the day that just passed, from the Druid Craft Tarot

My cards of the day that just passed, from the Druid Craft Tarot

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Una carta abierta a mis Arcanos Mayores del día

Queridos Arcanos
Escribo esta carta porque creo que necesitamos una charla.
Como es de su conocimiento, siguiendo el ejercicio 2.4 del Libro Tarot101 de Kim Huggens he buscado conectarme con mi nuevo mazo, sacando no una, sino tres cartas cada día, anotando mentalmente mis impresiones, relacionándolas con planes y pensamientos para el día de hoy. Hoy, mientras barajaba, saltó (XVI) La Torre. La tirada sacó otro Arcano Mayor, (XVII) la Estrella, además del seis de oros.
Mis cartas del día del DruidCraft Tarot

Mis cartas del día del DruidCraft Tarot

Dos Arcanos Mayores en un día merecen atención, y aún más curioso si son dos consecutivos. Y para rematar, mi ejercicio de escritura creativa de Writing101 sugiere que abra un libro en la página 29 y sorpresa, en el libro de Kim esta página es justamente el principio del capítulo sobre los Arcanos Mayores.
Así que aquí me tienen, señora Torre y señora Estrella. Como no estoy de ánimo de un tratado tarotístico y la idea no es hablar de su significado, voy a guiarme hoy puramente por los dibujitos y mis sentimientos en tratar de acercarme a ustedes… ojalá no se tomen nada de lo que diga muy a pecho!
Señora Torre, quiero informarle que salió en el día equivocado pues hoy, solsticio de verano, el clima está soleado y claro. No hay una sola nube en el cielo y no se esperan lluvias. Para rematar, no pienso ir a ninguna torre. Y no me venga a revirar de que vivo en una torre de edificios, pues estoy tan cerca al piso que así saltara de una ventana no pasaría nada. Claramente no lo haré de cabeza ni mucho menos.
Y señora Estrella. Quiero informarle que es para mí uno de los arcanos más difíciles de interpretar. En parte por la sencilla y obvia razón de que las estrellas NO SON el punto focal de la composición. Es la mujer y como vierte el agua entre las piedras y el río. ¿Qué tiene que ver eso con la esperanza? Y si bien puedo entender que para consagrarse a un proceso aparentemente inútil es necesario tener serenidad, ¿Qué tiene que ver una estrella en todo ello?
Por favor no malinterpreten mi frustración, quiero conocerlas en detalle y sé que hacerlo tomará tiempo. Sólo quería mostrar que el proceso no es fácil o necesariamente intuitivo.
Un cordial saludo,
La iniciada en el Tarot.

Food and Tarot

Tarot is for me much more than a divination tool. It is a vast compilation of human emotions and situations, which makes it ideal for meditation and self-discovery. However, when prompted to think about food and the joys it brings, I had to admit I felt Tarot (or at least my quite limited tarot deck collection) was sadly silent on the matter. With so many emotions and situations which are enhanced through food, I found surprising that Tarot artists have not sought to reflect this on the cards.

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A post about you

This is a post about you.


Yes, you. Those 95 souls in cyberspace who have followed eight Instagram posts on readings, random musings and a couple of these writing101 exercises. Those knowledgeable enough about Tarot who have kindly offered to swap readings with me to help me improve, those with pressing personal questions who have been in touch for a quick one-card reading, those who have the same taste in tarot decks, or an interest in crystals, or wicca. Those who comment, those who just like, those who stop and check the pictures and that handful of you reading my posts.

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A view to a new world

I had been waiting for over ten minutes for the interviewer to see me. It had been a last minute, unexpected call, apparently they had been unsure I would fit in the organisation so they wanted me to meet the Chief Executive. Sitting in that waiting room, I felt anxious. To calm the nerves and distract the mind, I opened my TarotSample app and drew a card – surprise. The World, from the Shadowscapes tarot.



“Satisfaction and peace of mind. A successful conclusion, and the end is in sight. Achieving balance, melding and blending to bring together in unison the multiple songs of life. The World is a card of realised goals and prosperity. It is a state of completion, though not without a share of involvement and hard work to attain. When one’s goals have been reached, there is a space, a quite breath of a moment in time when a feeling of ultimate fulfillment spills through the consciousness. It is a wondrous and  precious moment, the culmination of hard work, to see your dreams come true and know that elusively mythical treasure promised in fairy tales: the heart’s desire.”

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Why writing, why blogging, why Tarot

Why writing? I think it’s necessary to keep the mind alert, in general. An exercise as enriching and fulfilling and adventurous as reading. Writing for writing as well, partly because I love typing. I learned to touch-type years ago and I still pride myself for how quick I can type.

[Hubby’s interruption – Lost my train of thought]

Writing because I think it will also help improve my story telling skills, my writing skills, and communication skills. Particularly around a subject as Tarot.

Why blogging? [Ooops If I want this to last twenty minutes, this means almost each subsection should be about six minutes long and only three minutes have passed!]

So going back to writing – I don’t think my writing’s that bad after all, but writing about Tarot, Meditation, and even better, learning both Tarot and meditation seems to be a difficult thing. Difficult to make engaging and compelling enough. Compelling for others in the same boat to share their experiences, and why not? For those interesting in a reading to contact me.

To summarise on the writing – keeping mind alert, for the pleasure of typing, for improving writing.

On the blogging side – I definitely like the social element of blogging, communities have grown massively since I last blogged, and this exercise such as the Blogging University [add link here] show how much the overall process has become more professional. Blogs about blogging, blogs about how to blog, blogs about how to write better for a blog… like an [What’s the name of that artist] Escher painting.

Also on the blogging side – I also like the technical and artistic side, setting the blog, playing with themes, menus, pictures, links. Setting up comment boxes, “about me” page, and the like. All of that pretty pending at the moment from my own blog, as I want to relish this process and not rush it.

Why blogging? Because I like journalling and blogs do have that time stamp that helps ups keep track of time. Lovely to look back and see these streams of consciousness progressing over time and showing me how I’ve grown as a writer, as a blogger, as a Tarotist, as a learner of the Tarot and how I can successfully combine all these passions in a single, coherent stream of words.

On blogging… nope nothing else comes to mind.

Why Tarot? I’ve always liked divination methods, and connecting with the Universe. I tried I Ching for a while but I found there was nothing to learn there. Just consulting a big book for answers that were really hard to find, to be honest. For years, and without knowing it was an actual divination art, I tried Bibliomancy [add link here]. So Tarot appeals to my logic, my love of learning and the fact that I get to buy lovely pieces of art to practice. What’s there not to enjoy?

[Managed to do it – Only a couple of minutes to go now – let’s see if I can make it to 500 words]

Writing and blogging about learning to read the Tarot, with a twist. I hope this challenge will help me develop that twist.

Original entrevista con mi nuevo mazo, “Druid Craft Tarot” enfocada al aprendizaje

This is a Spanish-based entry. My “new tarot deck interview” spread questions have been translated into English, so have fun interpreting the cards yourselves!

Después de mucho buscar “new deck interview spreads” noté que la mayoría habían sido tomados de aquí. No había una tirada enfocada al aprendizaje de cada mazo ni a las enseñanzas que cada mazo trae en términos del Tarot. Así que decidí ser valiente y hacer mi propia “Tirada para conocer un nuevo mazo”, con un preguntas enfocadas a los principiantes, que como  yo, estamos aprendiendo. Te reto a practicar esta tirada con tu nuevo mazo, ofreciendo tu visión personal de las cartas, sin mirar el libro de definiciones, como yo!


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