Using tarot for new year goal-setting

As part of my rekindling with Tarot exercises, over the past few days I explored how to set up goals for this new year using the cards. As explored in my previous post, I decided to write this time about my exploration of Midheaven’s suggestion on combining astrology and tarot, and this approach which led to a number of options and areas to focus on throughout the year. I also drill down on what I consider to be my main objective for the year – linking with my spiritual community! Read on to find out.

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Rekindling the tarot flame

Today, on this quiet evening, I’m back here wondering how to reconnect with Tarot again and rekindle what seems a feeble flame.  I asked the web and found some responses here, but the suggestions were were far from satisfactory. This short post outlines the steps I took today to find my way back, to my tarot self, my decks, and of course you, my readers. I’d be keen to hear what you do to reconnect with your spirituality (or Tarot) after a long hiatus.

What to do to rekindle the tarot flame?

What to do to rekindle the tarot flame?

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Tarot in my universe… (in more or less 400 words)

Benebell, a gifted lawyer and certified Tarot Master (!), challenged me a few months ago to write a post on the intersecting point between tarot and [my] personal metaphysical understanding of our world… in 400 words. So here is my response.

Discovering self

A recent acquisition connecting tarot and psychology. The book can be purchased here.

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A full moon day

My full moon ritual – burning a bunch of papers connected to my old job, letting go of all the misaligned expectations and dark moments of the past few years. Feeling grateful as well for the good people I met, how strong I became, how much we traveled and learned, and the short- and long-term professional and personal opportunities this meant for me. Nothing ever has been so damaging, yet so novel and full of learning. I cried, but the release was powerful, and I’m very much looking forward to the future.

Perfect ending to a magickal day full of readings, befriending other readers, cleansing my crystals and decks.



On (tarot) journaling – where do you stand?

Sample of my first readings journal

Sample of my first readings journal

After having a journal in some way or other most of my life, I thought tarot journaling would be an easy and engaging way to learn – how wrong I was! Join me in this long-form  blog post (over 1,200 words!) where I share my thoughts on my own journaling experience, as well as expert and personal views on the topic.

I am reaching out to those tarot learners and readers out there so you can share your opinions, tips, and views. I am keen to read your thoughts on whether you consider tarot journaling a useful tool, how you do it (do you do it for every reading, every deck, every card?), the physical tools you use (is it an electronic app/programme or physical note pad, binder?) and what have you learned or not learned from the experience.

If you want to share stills of your tarot journal (s), send them to thetarotinitiate [at]

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Non-romantic relationship spreads

Why is that relationship spreads always veer to the romantic? I have talked to professional readers and they tell me that by far, romantic questions are the most common in the repertoire. When using Tarot as an instrument of reflection and self-discovery, however, relationships of any kind (not only romantic) may require clarification and support.

In the past couple of months a couple of relationships (one professional and one in my family) have been strained, leaving me with lots of questions and wondering what can be done to heal and improve things. Unlike the case in romantic relationship, professional and family relationships are there to stay, so one must find a way to make them work.

I set out to find a few spreads that could be used for this purpose and found some very interesting options, ranging from the simple (here) to the more complex (here). I finally settled for the 15-card double cross spread. I have seen it at work in the past and I really enjoyed the parallelisms across the two crosses. It seemed to me that unlike other relationship spreads, it could be easily applied to non-romantic relationships.

So, thinking deeply about my co-worker, and how I feel about this relationship, here is what I found. I won’t bore you with the details but I’ll just draw a few highlights, perhaps you’d like to comment on what you see. 

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